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    1. Advanced CAD/CAM/CAE process and excellent milling andinjection facilities are quality guarantee. More than 120 machines, include 5-axishigh speed CNC, Italy Fidia High speed CNC, Taiwan Quick Jet High speed CNC, SodickW-EDM, Sodick and AgieCharmilles EDM machine, 100T-500T spotting machines, 15injection machines including Engel, Haitian, Chensong, gas assistance machinesand IMD foil deliver are available to get high quality tools and parts.Capacity of big and middle tools is 600 sets per year.


      CNC Workshop (Constant temperature)

      Quick Jet Hi-Speed CNC

      3+2& Five-Axis Hi-Speed CNC

      3+2 Hi-Speed CNC

      Five-Axis Hi-Speed CNC

      Gantry Hi-Speed CNC

      Double-ended EDM

      CNC Wordshop

      Horizontal CNC

      Drilling workshop

      Five-Axis Drilling Machine

      Five-Axis Drilling Machine

      Shop Floor CMM

      Gantry CMM

      Shop Floor CMM

      Spotting Machine 400T& 500T

      Spotting Machine 200T& 100T

      IMM Engel 3200T

      IMM 2600T(Mucell)

      IMM 1920T

      IMM 1750T

      Injection workshop

      Material Warehouse